Ivory Background Large Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug 43398

Size: 14 ft 8 in x 21 ft 1 in (4.47 m x 6.43 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of our Ivory Background Large Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug, originating from the late 19th century and boasting a rich history of craftsmanship and cultural significance. This exquisite piece, hailing from the weaving centers of India, is a testament to the artistry and skill of Indian rug makers, showcasing a captivating design that adds depth and character to any space it graces.

Uncover the fascinating history of this remarkable rug, and you’ll journey back to a time when intricate weaving techniques and vibrant colors flourished in the workshops of Agra. Each thread tells a story of tradition and heritage, preserving the legacy of Indian rug-making passed down through generations.

The Ivory Background Large Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug features a mesmerizing diamond all-over design, with palmettes and floral cartouches symmetrically repeating across its soft ivory field. The delicate motifs create a sense of harmony and balance, while the border adapts the cartouche elements into a running vine set against an aubergine ground, adding depth and contrast to the overall design. Gold ground minor borders of vine-scrolls seamlessly transition between the field and border, enhancing the rug’s visual appeal.

To incorporate this beautiful piece into your interior design, consider the following suggestions:

  • Elegant Living Room: Elevate the elegance of your living room by showcasing the Antique Indian Agra Rug as the focal point. Pair it with classic furniture and refined decor pieces to create a sophisticated ambiance that exudes timeless beauty and charm.
  • Bohemian-inspired Retreat: Embrace a Bohemian-inspired aesthetic by layering the Agra rug with eclectic furnishings and vibrant textiles. Mix and match patterns, colors, and textures to create a cozy and inviting retreat that reflects your unique sense of style.
  • Formal Dining Room: Set the stage for elegant gatherings in your formal dining room by adorning the floor with the Ivory Background Large Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug. Its rich tonality and intricate design will impress guests and create an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Master Bedroom Sanctuary: Transform your master bedroom into a serene sanctuary by placing the rug beneath your bed. Let its soft ivory tones create a tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Home Office Haven: Infuse your home office with sophistication and style by incorporating the Agra rug into the decor. Let its timeless beauty inspire creativity and productivity as you work surrounded by the artistry of Indian craftsmanship.

In conclusion, our Ivory Background Large Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug is more than just a floor covering—it’s a piece of history, culture, and artistry that adds warmth, character, and undeniable charm to your home. With its elegant design and rich tonality, this exquisite rug promises to be a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

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