Ivory Background Antique Indian Amritsar Rug 47438

Size: 13 ft x 18 ft 4 in (3.96 m x 5.59 m)
Origin: India Rugs

This ephemeral antique Amritsar composition from India is characterized by a palle of soft, inviting tones, as well as a soothing allover floral pattern.

Large and Decorative Antique Indian Amritsar Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 – This gorgeous and graceful earth-toned Amritsar carpet has a refined quality that shows the influence of both Eastern and Western design traditions. It is an antique that dates from around the year 1900 at a time when this city was at its peak of fine carpet production. Amritsar seems to have developed its designs under British rule.

At this time, European and American buyers represented a lucrative market. Amritsar weavers were free to use both traditional Persian designs that were introduced by the Mughal Emperors in the 16th century and adapt them to Western to European and American tastes. What developed from this freedom and creativity is a style that is unique and recognizably from Amritsar. This gorgeous piece uses a formal Persian layout, but the design elements themselves have a similarity to those favored by French and English carpet designers of the time.

The colors of the carpet are gentle, and it would make an excellent addition to a formal space. However, today’s interior design trends are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate Persian and Indian carpets into a variety of contemporary styles. Many times, designers will begin with the carpet and then design the rest of the space around it. The carpet has an allover design and repeating motif using graceful scrollwork that creates motion ad a feeling of flow. The pile is cut short to allow the design to remain crisp and clear.

This antique carpet is a beautiful piece of artistry that shows the careful craftsmanship and skill that made Amritsar carpets some of the most collectible in the world. They continue to be an excellent choice when you want to create a sophisticated and contemporary room design. This piece would make a delightful touch to a modern interior.

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