Honeycomb Design Modern Transitional Rug 61027

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)

A Distressed Honeycomb Patterned Design Transitional Modern Area Rug, The Country of Weaving Origin Is: Pakistan, Circa / Weaving Date: New / Modern – This honeycomb design Pakistani rug, from our collection of modern transitional area rugs, is a great contemporary, abstract rug and decor piece. The modern geometric honeycomb rug ties into any space without disrupting its style. It is sleek and refreshing with its dark background and a striking weathered looking honeycomb geometric design throughout the field. As far area rugs go, the modern transitional area rug, from Pakistan, seen here, excellently utilizes clean lines and proportionate designs.

The modern rugs from Pakistan are quite diversified in their looks, textures and feels. These rugs can employ angular Caucasian rug patterns, more floral styles and traditional Persian arabesque motifs. This modern rug displays geometric, abstract designs on dark fields usually found on Caucasian rugs, in a repeated all-over pattern found on many Persian rugs. Our modern transitional rugs may present patterns that are similar to patterns found in antique rugs with the bold colors utilized by modern rugs. They can likewise use traditional colors with modern patterns. This transitional rug is great for those wanting a combination of different cultural techniques in a modern style.

This transitional Pakistani rug produces an impression of a strong, solid background. The color palette in this intricately designed rug includes neutral tones that provide a rejuvenating feel to a space. The neutral, bold tones of the steel-colored honeycomb design and the dark toned background portray an urban style. The background mimics the night sky and the honeycomb design a fence in a modern urban setting. The colors are given the effect of fading and rusting, adding to this urban style. The organic, abstract design on this exquisite transitional area rug can fit into a neutral space, without disrupting the color palette. The rug provides texture, sophistication, and character without the overuse of color or designs. This modern area rug is great for those that want a timeless, chic piece with a traditional flare.

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