Geometric Antique Turkish Oushak Angora Rug 70516

Size: 9 ft 9 in x 10 ft 10 in (2.97 m x 3.3 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful and Impressive Geometric Antique Turkish Oushak Angora Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: 1900 – This delightful, Oushak rug has a geometric, classic Turkish design and a tribal character. Its colors are vibrant yet earthy. It is an almost square piece, which makes it perfect for many contemporary interior spaces.

Oushak rugs are known for their vibrant colors and extensive range of designs that are variations on traditional motifs. The variety of colors and patterns is one of the distinguishing characteristics of rugs from the region. Oushak rugs range from those that have a more primitive, tribal character to those that resemble rugs created by the formal weaving centers of the cities.

Many times, those who were living near the city would mimic the designs created by the established formal schools. They would take these designs and give them their own character. This individuality is what gives Oushak rugs their special charm and personality.

This Angora rug has the symmetry and precision that you often find in rugs produced by the formal weaving centers. However, the colors have a vibrant, tribal feel. This year’s design trends feature geometric motifs and the colors of nature, or those inspired by the spices that were traded along the Silk Road. This one speaks of the many goods that were traded along its route.

The earthy browns and ivory background of this rug give it a natural feel. The fiery reds and oranges accentuate the earthy qualities of the rug and give it a lively presence within the space. This is the perfect piece for a Boho chic room or for capturing a global character within the space.

The colors of this rug are bold enough to add a pop of color to more neutral colors yet not overpower the room. The feeling of the rug is balanced and rich. This is a versatile rug that adds depth to the space. The variations in the ivory background and throughout the piece give it an artistic character and intense, playful feeling. This is the perfect piece for a range of popular modern design styles.

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