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Antique Ganjeh Rugs –  Antique Caucasian rugs and carpets are among the most celebrated of all antique Oriental rugs. These distinct compositions represent a strong regional identity, and the finest examples are woven with the rich cultural heritage of the Caucasus visible in the very design. Antique Ganjeh rugs and carpets are prized by collectors and decorators alike for their glorious colors and their large-scale graphic design. This makes Ganjeh carpets very aesthetically similar to their cousins, the Kazak rugs of the Caucasus. Both Ganjeh and Kazk area rugs originate from the same general region, and the best example of each style showcase the captivating tribal aesthetic of the Caucasus.

The large medallions that characterize Caucasian rugs and carpets are at their best in the examples for Ganjeh. These easily recognizable carpets approach carpet design in much the same idiom of many tribal rugs: oversized medallions; exaggerated, geometric detail work; and a pallet that emphasizes reds, ivories, and contrasting dark shades of blue. The small tribal details that appear throughout many of these carpets a rich cultural record, each symbol replete with meaning and tradition. For admirers of authentically tribal antique rugs, Ganjeh carpets offer some of the very richest treasures in the world of antique rugs and carpets

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