Floral Green Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60505

Size: 12 ft 2 in x 15 ft 4 in (3.71 m x 4.67 m)

Charming Floral Green Modern Turkish Oushak Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern – The earthy colors of this beautiful rug from Nazmiyal’s modern Turkish Oushak rugs are the perfect touch for today’s nature-inspired interior designs. The tribal rugs are a decorator’s dream when it comes to combining floral and geometric shapes. The angular, abstract designs of traditional Oushak rugs have been inspiring decorators for centuries. Now, this collection brings them to you in a way that is fresh and updated.

Turkish rugs have been a staple in homes and public spaces for centuries, and designers are continually exploring new ways to incorporate them into the décor. The bold, splashy florals of this rug stand out against the earth brown background. It has a folk art feel that is perfect for Boho chic and eco-inspired designs. The floral elements have an organic feel that would complement Japanese Wabi-Sabi and Swedish inspired themes.

This modern rug would work well in a traditional home or in one that uses modern architectural design. Whether your home is Baja-style or a stately Victorian, this room-sized rug is the foundation for an inspired design. It could easily complement overstuffed couches with curvy backs or more streamlined, minimalist styles. In a neutral room, it will add a touch of color without standing out as too bold or dynamic. It is just the right blend of contrasting features to make it a versatile piece for any room of the home.

The colors of the area rug are rich and warm, inviting you to use them as inspiration for the accessories you choose. The pattern invites the use of layered textures throughout the space to create a cozy feel. This year, the interior of our homes has become more important than ever before, and rugs are the foundation of the design. Gone is the concept of a solid-color wall-to-wall carpet. Even if you do have carpet, layering colorful rugs on top is a new trend for adding depth and helping to define areas within the space. This rug is a beautiful way to create this style in your home. If you have hardwood floors or marble, this carpet will highlight their beauty and make them stand out.

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