Floral French Aubusson Rococo Design Modern Chinese Flat Weave Rug 44693

Size: 13 ft 9 in x 20 ft (4.19 m x 6.1 m)
Origin: China

Classically styled, this modern Aubusson rug depicts a radiant botanical medallion bounded by a lush floral garland, spiraling acanthus leaves and formal sconces.

Modern Aubusson Design Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: New / Modern– This recently woven, modern Chinese rug based on the French Aubusson rugs, features a classical floral medallion with layers of radiant floral design motifs that are surrounded by dimensional rosettes and floriferous garlands. Symmetric vinescrolls with sweeping curves meander across the sumptuous ivory-colored field. Graceful swans, unfurling acanthus leaves and stout vine scrolls flank the floral urns, which act like delicate pendants. These lavish vine scrolls adorn the field creating graceful intimated spandrels. Intricate sawtooth details embellished with gilded shading enclose the elaborate main borders, which feature decorative finials, laurel-wreath roundels and grand floral garlands that are filled with an assortment of lush blossoms. The intricate shading, dimensional shadows and nuanced colors emphasize the sophisticated baroque appearance of this modern Chinese Aubusson design new rug.

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