Fine Vintage Star Design Persian Tabriz Room Size Rug 51077

Size: 10 ft x 12 ft 11 in (3.05 m x 3.94 m)

Quite The Impressive And Beautifully Designed Fine Vintage Star Design Persian Tabriz Room Size Area Rug , KPSI / Rug Knots Per Square Inch: 550, The Rug’s Origin: Persia, Weaving Date Of This Rug: Late 20th Century – This elegant vintage Persian Tabriz rug relies on angular forms on a smaller scale to create a kaleidoscopic effect across the surface. Combined with the beautiful colors chosen to represent the activity at the core of the vintage Persian rug, this beautiful vintage rug is dreamy in presentation and theme. Several borders frame around each other and lead the viewer’s attention to the heart of the rug, the transition from a nightscape of colors to more vibrant tones within adding all the more presence to the masterpiece itself. At the center, the lines come together to form star-like figures at the foreground, the colors forming an exquisite, almost nostalgic tapestry.

The famed 8 pointed star design is a main pattern feature of this spectacular vintage room size Persian Tabriz rug. The way the stars were created to support the intricate geometric designs in the field if indicative of a well throughout approach to the design of this breathtaking area rug. The way the floral patterns of within the borders of the rug juxtapose and play off the geometric motifs in the field is an unusual and captivating approach to the design of this vintage Persian rug.

Needless to say, only the most skilled Persian rug weavers would need to have been involved in the creating of this artistic Persian rug. There is so much attention to even the smallest of details that this must have been a custom made area rug for someone who wanted it woven exactly like this.

Just placing this Persian rug in a room will instantly transform it and elevate the beauty of your interior design. It is a classy and fine rug, with beautiful use of softer colors and a unique design that is sure to attract many compliments and lots of love.

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