Fine Rustic Floral Antique Persian Tabriz Area Rug 71574

Size: 10 ft 3 in x 15 ft (3.12 m x 4.57 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Rustic and Fine Beautiful Antique Persian Tabriz Area Rug, Area Rug Type: Persian Area Rug, Rug Weaving Date / Circa: 1900 – This spectacular antique Persian Tabriz carpet was created in the early part of the 20th century and has a stately and regal appearance. The grand design of the carpet reflects the traditions that made Tabriz famous as a carpet weaving center. Tabriz was a city known for creating the grand court carpets of the Safavid Dynasty. Many of the designs created during this time would become the traditional designs with which we are familiar today.

The design of this larger size fine Persian area rug is centered around the placement of a design motif that goes back to the reign of Shah Abbas, who was the fifth Safavid ruler. The palmette motif found throughout this elegant piece dates to that time. Throughout the piece, you will also find a range of florals, including hyacinths, roses, and a variety of flowers. You will also find the boteh, or eternal flame throughout the design, too. The design of this beautiful carpet is classic and steeped in tradition.

The garden theme of this Tabriz carpet is arranged on a traditional central design motif. Only in this case, the central pattern is so understated. Although this design has a suggested central medallion design, it is carried out in a way that gives it the impression of an all-over design. This antique Tabriz carpet shows a highly developed level of skill on the part of the designer and the weavers.

This captivating antique Persian Tabriz rug uses a balanced combination of rich, saturated colors and neutral tones, making it the perfect piece for contemporary color palettes. The gorgeous colors of this antique rug make it an excellent addition to a neutral-toned room where it will add visual impact and interest.

The rustic red background and larger scale character of the rug design, also make it perfect for a Boho chic room. The Persian Tabriz carpet has an eclectic global quality that conjures up images of the caravans that once traveled the Silk Road with their spices and wares. It will surly be a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office.

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