Fine Classic Traditional Floral Deign Large Size Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug 51081

Size: 13 ft 7 in x 19 ft 10 in (4.14 m x 6.05 m)

Beautiful Large Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51081, Knots Per Square Inch: 500, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – True to the breathtaking style of so many other vintage Tabriz Persian rugs, this masterpiece rug is unique in the colors and layers established. Though there are several angular borders set around the edges of the vintage rug, the viewer is able to enjoy the presence of numerous other borders that act as contrasting frames to those set around the outermost portions of the vintage Persian rug. These “diamondesque” frames are unique because of how well they stand against the grounding presence of the surrounding borders, and the sharply contrasting colors all move elegantly against each other, allowing the elements at the foreground to draw the viewer’s attention at a comfortable pace.

This magnificent vintage Persian Tabriz rug will simply takes your breath away when you walk into a room and see it for the first time. The use of high contrast colors creates a sense of grand splendor that reflects the traditions of the people who wove this spectacular Persian Tabriz rug. This Persian rug has several features that make its beauty stand out even more.

This vintage Persian rug is organized according to a classically formal design that uses a center medallion and a series of borders. This impressive red background vintage Persian Tabriz rug is pretty much perfectly symmetrical, both horizontally as well as vertically. It has formal corners, each with its own weeping willow design, that help draw the eye to the center design.

A field of flowers, trees is accentuated through the use of a lighter background on the outside, a red background in the mid ground and the striking colors around the central medallion. This use of colors gives this vintage rug a sense of depth that is quite remarkable and speaks to the amazing skill of the Persian rug weavers who worked on creating this magnificent rug.

This exciting red background vintage Persian Tabriz rug features a main border with a rare display of two lines of flowers on a high contrast navy blue background. This blue colored background is the same color we see on the medallion which creates a beautiful sense of balance. This use of a darker background on the edges and in the center also helps to unifies the design and also aids in enhancing the central focal point.

The beauty of this large size carpet lies in its intricate details interwoven into a rather simple geometric design concept. All elements help to draw the eye to the central medallion which is split into four sections that radiate out from the center of this beautiful red carpet.

Two pendants on either end of the medallion give the rug a sense of length and expansiveness. This rug will draw your attention in any room and highlight the best qualities of the other design features. This  red background vintage Persian Tabriz rug can stand on its own or can be used to highlight fine furniture.

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