Fine Antique Persian Silk Heriz Carpet 47239

Size: 10 ft x 13 ft (3.05 m x 3.96 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This splendid antique Heriz Persian rug is an extraordinary piece, remarkably richly detailed and masterfully woven with silk threads.

Fine Rare Antique Persian Silk Heriz Carpet, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – Here is a striking antique Oriental rug – an antique Heriz rug, woven with silk threads by the celebrated rug makers of Persia. This splendid antique rug is an extraordinary piece, remarkably richly detailed and masterfully woven. Indeed, there is hardly an inch of surface in this large, ten foot by thirteen food carpet that does not feature some sort of meticulously wrought detail. A series of incredibly rich borders surround the piece, beautifully colored in the reds, blues, and ivories that characterize most of the composition, as well as the most desirable Heriz rugs in general.

Moving inward, an absolutely incredible pattern unfolds, which features elaborate vine scroll work, beautifully rendered botehs and paisleys, as well as a myriad of other traditional Persian elements of design. What is most noteworthy about this piece is the level and scale of detail, which is impressive throughout the piece. An ambitious composition that highlights some of the finer aspects of fine antique Persian rugs, this gorgeous silk Heriz, with its charming, traditional pallet and impressive detail work, is a truly masterful antique Oriental rug.

This magnificent antique Persian silk rug is a unique and historic example that only the most skilled master rug weavers could have created. Experienced craftspeople painstakingly designed this rare antique collectible rug and the results are simply incredible.

This magnificent Persian rug makes used many luminous colors which, thanks to the high grade silk, shimmer with a sense of complex yet eloquent beauty. This is in stark contrast to the vast majority of the antique Persian Heriz rugs which were woven using wool.

In addition, the unusually fine quality of the weave of this piece, enabled the Persian rug weavers to really pay attention to the smallest of details. That is why the patterns of the design of this antique Silk Heriz rug are so crisp and vivid.

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