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Nazmiyal is known worldwide for having one of the largest and most comprehensive and diverse selections of modern, vintage and antique area rugs. For so many years, we have been selling some phenomenal area rugs to wealthy and savvy rug clients in Singapore, some of the Singaporean rug stores and rug dealers in Singapore. We have also been selling some rare and antique rugs to the rising number of Singaporean rug collectors as well as the top most exclusive and high-end luxury Singaporean interior designers. Not only do we carry a vast selection of antique and vintage area rugs, we also have modern rugs and have the capabilities of creating any costum rug that our customers in Singapore can dream up.

 We also offer free shipping of sold rugs to Singapore for the antique and other area rugs that you buy from us.

From Sentosa Cove to Bugis and Golden Mile to Middle Road we have been selling some of the best antique, vintage and modern area rugs to some of the top Singaporean luxury interior designers, affluent private consumers and even to their growing number of rug collectors. The people in Singapore know that when they are looking to buy some of the best rugs in the world, especially antique and rare rugs, then Nazmiyal, with our free shipping , can save them quite a bit of money without compromising on quality or caliber of area rug.

We invite our rug client in Singapore to view a few more trendy and sought after types of area rugs as well as some truly beautiful carpets:

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