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Our clients in Spain are invited to view some of the most popular rug and carpet styles from our collection:

The Nazmiyal Collection has one of the largest selections of vintage and antique rugs in the world. We have been supplying and selling rugs to clients, Spanish rug dealers and stores, Spanish rug collectors and interior designers throughout the entire territories of Spain.  It is also one of the more comprehensive inventories of both vintage rugs as well as antique carpets that you will find anywhere (online or off).

The demand for good area rugs has been growing in Spain. We are getting more and more request, for rare and beautiful modern, vintage and antique area rugs from some of the top, high-end Spanish luxury interior design firms. We are also seeing a spike in Spanish rug collectors who are looking for some of the best rugs and carpets to buy for their collections.

From Madrid to Barcelona and Valencia to Seville, more and more effluent wealthy Spanish customers are seeking good rugs for their homes. Our rugs buyers in Spain are also taking advantage of the fact that we at Nazmiyal do not charge our rug buying customers in Spain for shipping. That makes buying rugs for Spain, from Nazmiyal in NYC far more affordable and easy.

Below, are a few of the current more in demand types of rugs and beautiful carpets that are available for people Spain to buy:

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