Earthy Neutral Vintage Mid Century Modern Abstract Moroccan Flat Weave Kilim Rug 45447

Size: 4 ft 6 in x 8 ft 4 in (1.37 m x 2.54 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Created in Morocco, this vintage rag rug features an alluring allover pattern of narrow stripes and colored bands with variegated accents and textural details.

Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid 20th Century – This intriguing, exciting vintage rug — a representative Moroccan piece made in the middle of the twentieth century, the peak period for the production of these sorts of pieces — is vibrant, dynamic, and, when it comes down to it, simply beautiful. This lovely Moroccan rag rug features a tremendous stripe-within-a-stripe pattern incorporating richly textured accents rendered in a multitude of colors, which give rag rugs their signature appearance. The lively stripe pattern includes a beautiful variety of subdued earth tones paired with gradient sub-stripes that run the gamut of the spectrum and add to the rich textural appearance of this vintage Moroccan rag rug. Coming from a time and place that have given the world some of its most remarkable rugs — that is, mid-century Morocco — this rug is a proud relic of a grand rug making tradition.

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