Earth Tone Modern Distressed Rug 60698

Size: 9 ft 11 in x 12 ft 4 in (3.02 m x 3.76 m)

Charming Earth Tone Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous modern distressed area rug has a warm and inviting color palette that adds a natural feel to the space. It has a design that is subtle and soft, like shifting sands on a beach. This modern area rug from Afghanistan would be perfect for adding a coastal or beachy feel to the space. it is versatile enough to fit well into any room of the home and a wide range of contemporary styles.

This year, our focus has shifted to creating a cozy, comfortable feel in our interior spaces. This has created a rise in the use of natural colors and accessories in materials like basketry, natural sisal, wool, and jute. Nature materials work well when you want the room to have a natural feel that is casual and relaxing. Style trends express a growing affinity for layered texture within the space to make it into the perfect space for relaxing away from the rest of the world.

Finding the perfect rug sets the tone of the space and helps to define its style. Choosing a neutral design with different pile heights adds texture to the design. You can either continue with a neutral color scheme of creams and grays, or you could add a few bold pops like a warm red, navy, or forest green to give it depth. This wool rug is versatile enough to allow you to express your personal style and spark your creativity. This rug would be perfect for a living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

This handmade rug has a distressed, casual feel and was created using traditional rug-weaving techniques that have been used in Afghanistan for centuries. It has an authentic, natural feel. These modern contemporary area rugs are known for their quality and durability that can easily withstand use in a high-traffic area. This modern distressed rug is versatile and is the perfect match for a contemporary or Mid Century Modern design. The simplicity of the design and natural colors make this the perfect piece for bringing a touch of nature to your indoor space.

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