Double Sided Vintage Mid Century Scandinavian Swedish Kilim 48606

Size: 4 ft 1 in x 6 ft 3 in (1.24 m x 1.9 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

Vintage Mid Century Antique Scandinavian Swedish Kilim, Country of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa Date: VintageScandinavian design has always relied on understated, functional simplicity. This Kilim-style Swedish rug is no different. The fact that it’s reversible shows the versatility and forethought that typifies Scandinavian design. The design is modest but smart – one side is dark gray with a white border and the other side is light gray with a dark gray border. The simple zig-zag and crenelated patterns along the border and the unadorned field make this an excellent accent rug – it adds interest to the room without drawing attention to itself.

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