Decorative White Mid Century Modern Rug 60768

Size: 4 ft 2 in x 4 ft 3 in (1.27 m x 1.3 m)

Gorgeous Decorative White Mid Century Modern Rug, Rug Type / Origin: India, Circa Date: Modern Rug – The gorgeous Mid century modern inspired design of this area rug is the perfect accent piece to add an artistic touch to the room. It features a simple black and white design that is expressive and has a hand drawn quality. This modern area rug is similar to many of the abstract pieces created during the mid 20th century.

This area rug from India is the perfect piece for adding an interesting pattern to an all black and white space. You could use it to create a modern vignette or to define an area in the room, such as a cozy breakfast nook or area for reading. This highly artistic area rug sparks the imagination and creates many design possibilities. You could soften the lines by adding an eclectic beanbag chair tucked into a corner, or you could pair it with ultra modern furniture and streamlined pieces.

Today, you can find pieces that are replicas of authentic mid-20th century furniture. For instance, you can find clear acrylic chairs, glass top tables with chrome legs, and Swedish style pieces that highlight the open area of the floor space. This concept allows you to integrate accents for the floor as a featured piece of the design rather than simply as an afterthought.

This black and white area rug has a space age feel with the focus on straight lines that lead the eye visually to specific points throughout the piece. You can easily carry this artistic theme throughout the space by using hard lines to draw the eye to a specific piece of art or vignette within the space. Mixing textures and patterns within the same space creates a cozy atmosphere, and this piece would be a perfect addition to this design scheme. Pairing this rug with abstract art on the wall will create a cohesive midcentury feel that carries the theme of the rug throughout the space. This is a creative and beautiful mid century style rug that is unique and will allow you to show your artistic side.

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