Cream Modern Room Size Moroccan Style Rug 60124

Size: 8 ft 9 in x 12 ft (2.67 m x 3.66 m)

Beautiful Cream Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Rug / Country of Origin: Afghanistan/ Circa Date: Modern – This adorable modern contemporary area rug relies on a traditional design but brings an updated, fresh approach that is perfect for modern style trends. The design is based on designs found in traditional mid-century modern rugs from the Moroccan tribes of the Atlas Mountains. These nomadic tribes are known for their traditional designs that tell the stories and legends of their people.

The women weavers of the Beni Ourain tribes created the stories of their tribes and families into the designs of their vintage rugs. Each element represented a concept or idea. Often, they would indicate a major life event by a change in the pattern. This rug was created in Afghanistan using methods and design elements that reflect and honor these ancient rug weaving traditions.

This room size modern Moroccan rug design includes many elements that are found in traditional vintage Moroccan rugs, including abrupt interruptions in the pattern and a design that was the result of artistic inspiration, rather than careful planning. The colors are beautiful and reflect the colors of sand, sky, and water. The piece has a light and airy feel that will bring balance to the space.

The texture of the rug has a soft look and feel. The artist created texture by using a variation on a technique used to create the originals. Traditional Moroccan rugs are created by tying a row of knots and then making a few rows of plain weave to secure them. The artist of this room size rug used wider bands of plain weave and allowed the pile to remain long to emphasize the texture of the rug.

This artistic touch makes it the perfect piece for modern interiors from Boho chic to minimalist. It is perfect for Swedish modern designs that bring elements with a natural, organic feel into the space. It adds a primitive, tribal feel to the room, only in a way that is updated and modern. This is the perfect rug for mixing elements of the past with modern design trends.

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