Cream Brown Geometric Modern Distressed Rug 60813

Size: 9 ft 6 in x 12 ft 3 in (2.9 m x 3.73 m)

Beautiful Cream Brown Geometric Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous contemporary modern area rug lets its tribal, primitive character shine through. It features a neutral background that highlights the beautiful colors and makes them stand out. This rug from Afghanistan was inspired by traditional rugs that have been made by tribal cultures for many centuries.

The colors on the side of the modern distressed rug and braided fringes are reminiscent of the saddlebags that have been used throughout Afghanistan and the Middle East for thousands of years. These saddlebags are colorful and an important part of the culture, and this rug pays them tribute. This is a modern rug made in Afghanistan using the same techniques that have been used by tribal rug weavers throughout the centuries.

The design of this roughly 9 x 12 size area rug marries the past and the present in this inventive, contemporary design. This rug is the perfect foundation for an eclectic sanctuary with a few of your favorite things scattered throughout. This year, designs are all about creating a cozy space where we can relax, and for many, create a space for a home office.

This piece, which harks back to the iconic vintage Moroccan rugs, is expressive and will allow you to design a space that reflects your unique personality. Layers of texture are the key to creating a space that is both modern and that has a casual feel. This geometric design area rug could be used with modern minimalist furniture for a look that has a retro feel.

During the middle part of the 20th century, adding a primitive rug to an ultra-modern design was used to make the room feel more welcoming. Furniture with open spaces underneath created an open and airy atmosphere. The designs emphasized function and form, giving each equal weight. Now, designs that have a balance between function and form are once again a part of our design repertoire.

This is the perfect piece for creating a space for work and play. Finding the perfect rug to set the tone of the room is the foundation of an inspired design that reflects your unique personality. This piece is perfect if you are looking for a rug that makes a statement and shows your artistic side.

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