Colorful Textured Modern Transitional Rug 61031

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)

Colorful Textured Modern Transitional Rug, Country Of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – Transitional decor is quickly becoming the new way of create a space that is expressive and personal. The concept of transitional room design has been around for many decades, and now, interior designers are using this concept to create spaces that reflect your unique personality. In the past, transitional spaces meant combining traditional and modern furniture and accessories in the space. Today, you can break the rules and use this same idea to combine two different modern styles, such as Boho Chic and Midcentury modern.

In contemporary design, no rule exists that says you cannot combine warm and cool colors, curves and lines, or add a few pieces with texture to an ultramodern space. Breaking the rules is the new norm in transitional design, and this gorgeous piece is a perfect beginning to an inspired space.

The color palette of this modern rug combines warm, cool, and neutral tones. It is versatile and would work in a wide range of styles. Its vibrant, shifting hues and simple pattern make the perfect combination for contemporary furniture in neutral colors. You could use this captivating and sophisticated modern transitional rug to add color to a neutral room and choose accessories that reflect the shades found in this magnificent area rug from Pakistan.

The artist gave the rug a faded look, giving it a timeless quality that complements traditional furniture and allows it to be used in a classic room style. This is the perfect rug for adding color to a maximalist space. It allows you to blend a range of colors into a single room design for a cohesive look. The beauty of this transitional rug is its ability to transform the space by providing a solid foundation for layering a range of styles.

This highly modern transitional area rug would be at home in a contemporary space that features glass and steel, or it could complement a traditional room with fine woods and classic furniture. This magnificent abstract design area rug is a beautiful piece and will help you create a space that reflects the many sides of you.

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