Colorful Square Shape Modern Turkish Flat Woven Kilim Area Rug 72221

Size: 10 ft x 11 ft 1 in (3.05 m x 3.38 m)

Beautiful Square Modern Turkish Kilim, Country of Origin: Modern Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous kilim uses muted, earthy tones that remind you of the natural world. This year is about adding more color to our interior spaces, and this rug adds bold, color-blocked stripes that transition gently from warm to cool and back to warm again. It is a piece that will make a bold statement.

This year’s color trends include those that inspire energy and embody a sense of optimism. Colors that reflect the world of nature create a sense of calmness and harmony in the space. Today’s interior designers are becoming more adventurous in their use of color. They are adding bold swatches of it in unexpected places. The design allows you to add oversized lighting, a curved sofa, mixed metal finishes, and other dramatic elements to the space.

This year’s color trends include selections like Raspberry Blush, which is an energetic blend of coral that is on the pink side. Conch Shell, Dusty Pink, Cinnamon, and Deep Chocolate with hints of Violet are all on the list of favorite wall colors this year. The colors of this rug are a perfect match and will allow you to accentuate your favorite wall color to create a cozy space.

The stripes are asymmetrical and give it an organic feel. This enhances the feeling of the organic world. It would make an excellent companion for a room with oversized plant materials and pieces that feature basketry or beautiful wood grains. Using the colors will inspire throw pillows and accents throughout the space will create a well-curated design.

Designers are adding more colors to interior spaces, but this does not mean that you have to give up more subdued and muted tones. This rug would be an excellent way to add color to an otherwise neutral palette. It is a unique piece of artistry that allows you to add a little more color but in a way that still allows you to keep an organic feel to the space. It is a gorgeous addition to any modern decor or even a Mid-Century Modern room.

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