Collectible Rare Antique 17th Century Caucasian Karabagh Rug 70553

Size: 5 ft 7 in x 14 ft (1.7 m x 4.27 m)

Breathtaking Collectible Rare Antique 17th Century Caucasian Karabagh Rug, Country Of Weaving Origin: Caucasus, Circa Date: 17th Century – The breathtaking piece is a rare collectible for both its age and state of preservation. This antique dates from the 17th century in the Karabagh region of the Caucasus mountains. The rug gives us a rare glimpse into history before western eyes were laid on these masterpieces.

One of the most remarkable qualities of this rug is that its colors have remained vibrant for close to five centuries. This rug shows the technical skill that the weavers and dyers had during that time. This is a valuable piece from a historical perspective and for its primitive beauty.

At the time when this rug was woven, it would be almost 200 years before western eyes would see these beautiful pieces. They would not be accessible to westerners until a railway was built through the Caucasus Mountains in the late 1800s. The rug represents the tribal heritage of the people of the area before western influence.

This is an exceptionally rare find and one that does not appear often on the market. It would be an excellent addition to any collection, or for public display.

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