Classic Antique Animal Design Persian Animal Design 19th Century Khorassan Rug 3244

Size: 5 ft 5 in x 8 ft 8 in (1.65 m x 2.64 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This lush antique Khorassan carpet presents an ornamental yet pictorial image of paradise, replete with various birds, lions, and foxes.

Fascinatingly Artistic Antique Animal Design Persian Khorassan Rug, Origin Of The Rug: Persia, Circa / Date: Late 19th century – Although the floral detail of this lush antique Persian Khorassan rug is an immediately ornamental composition based on symmetrical repetition, it nonetheless functions as a sprawling pictorial image of a natural environment – a paradise scene replete with various birds, lions, and foxes. These are all rendered in golden tones and red against a dramatic blue black ground. The main border is small in scale – a simple, a reciprocal trefoil design that gives pride of place to the field.

A menagerie dances and prances across this unique animal design antique Persian Khorassan carpet. The fun and whimsical animal rug design has all of the formal features that one would expect from fine traditional antique Persian carpets. The rich earth tones, creams and cranberry reds create a sumptuous, naturalistic feel. However, it is the background of the field that makes this treasure stand out.

Not all of the animals in this fascinating antique rug are a part of the world that we know. One can also find fish-like dragons and maybe even other animals of legend and lore in the scene. The artist did not render the animal to proper scale, which gives the scene a whimsical character. It also creates the sense that none of the animals are dominant over the others. They are all given similar weight and importance in the design.

Representing the imperial elegance of area rugs created in larger Persian cities, this outstanding animal rug features an exquisite combination of floral details and stylized animals that are framed by narrow guard-bands and narrow but fascinating borders. This splendid animal motif antique Persian Khorassan rug has many unique design features that make it stand out, aside from the members of the animal kingdom. For instance, the rug features more tribal approaches to border designs that give the impression of a formal frame. The colors of the border blend in such a way as to emphasize the darker background of the field and the animals. This is a unique find and a real treasure in the world of handmade, classic traditional carpets.

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