Caramel Color Textured Modern Distressed Rug 60824

Size: 10 ft 2 in x 14 ft (3.1 m x 4.27 m)

Graceful Caramel Color Textured Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This beautiful caramel and ivory colored area rug brings a touch of elegance to your interior. It features a smallgeometric rug design that gives it a natural appearance, much like cracked stone or white sands. The modern distressed rug has a distinctive rectangular design that is accentuated by a high and low pile. This handmade area rug was woven in Afghanistan using traditional rug weaving techniques to create a piece that is made for modern interiors.

The artist gives the 10′ x 14′ size rug a more modern flavor by using a pattern that varies in scale along the length of the warm and cozy rug. This modern rug has a light color that will make the room look more open. The small scale of the design will accentuate this characteristic in the room. Placing the furniture partially on and partially off the edges of the wool rug will make a small room look larger.

The possibilities for adding color to the space are almost endless with this handmade rug as the foundation. It is the perfect piece for pairing with light greys and other lighter neutral tones. You could also use it to create a dramatic effect in the room by pairing it with darker colors like charcoal or black.

This rug would be beautiful as part of a tone-on-tone room of whites and creams. This could be used to give the space and fresh, clean look. You could also add in a few touches of color like citrus yellow, lime green, or rich teal blue. The best feature of this rug is its ability to blend in or serve as a point of contrast in the room design.

This carpet is an excellent choice if you want to create a layered rug interior design look in the space. Its color will help you show off your favorite antique Persian rugs or modern geometric designs. The design of the rug is subtle and sophisticated. This rug is the perfect piece for adding an updated, sophisticated touch to any room of your home or office.

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