Brown and Blue Square Modern Moroccan Style Rug 60186

Size: 13 ft 2 in x 14 ft (4.01 m x 4.27 m)

Beautiful Brown and Blue Square Size Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – The gorgeous colors and bold design of this modern Moroccan-style rug combine elements of its vintage area rugs that preceded it with contemporary elements of design. This creates a piece that is perfect for many modern style trends. The modern colors of the square shape rug are combined with classic elements of vintage Moroccan rugs to create unique piece that is perfect for contemporary rooms.

The unique and beautiful rugs of the Beni Ourain tribes of Morocco became classics in the 1950s when designers used them as the foundation for streamlined interiors that included furniture with simple lines and geometric forms. Mid-century modern furniture used minimal legs to raise the furniture off the floor and create plenty of space underneath. Modern area rugs provided texture and added color to this newly discovered interior design real estate. Now, furniture inspired by midcentury modern designs has found new life and is once again a part of our contemporary design vocabulary.

It is not surprising that retro-inspired designs, such as this one, continue to form the perfect foundation for creating contemporary spaces. This gorgeous inspired Moroccan Berber style rug adds a soft texture and the luxurious, long pile that first drew designers to the vintage originals. The design and weaving technique was inspired by vintage Moroccan rugs, but the designer used color and form in a way that is ultra-modern and has an urban feel.

This would be the perfect rug for an industrial-style space or for a retro-inspired room. One of the best qualities of Moroccan rugs is that they give the room a casual feel and can unify stylistically different elements in a way that gives the design a fresh and well-composed feel. If your style is more on the contemporary side, but you have a love for the occasional vintage piece, then this rug is the perfect finishing touch to complete the room. Adding in a few throw pillows in the colors of the rug, or perhaps, finding the perfect piece of framed wall art, would help to complete this look in a way that is updated and that expresses your personal design style.

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