Brown And Blue Modern Distressed Rug 60686

Size: 7 ft 8 in x 9 ft 7 in (2.34 m x 2.92 m)

Stunning Brown And Blue Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – If it is time for an update, this gorgeous blue and brown rug will give your home an earthy yet modern feel. This modern distressed rug uses the colors of earth and sky to bring a feeling of the outdoors to the interior space. It has a distressed look that gives it a vintage rug feel that is perfect for creating a retro decor style or to add to an authentic vintage space for an updated look. The design is contemporary and versatile enough for many popular style trends.

If one were to describe the pattern in this rug, the interruption of the classic striped pattern is the first element that draws your attention. The Afghanistan rug seems to develop according to the choices of the artist at the moment. The earthy modern rug has an expressive quality because of the way the pattern shifts. The color shifts are sometimes abrupt, and sometimes they are gentler and more subtle. The organic design of the rug gives it a tribal feel that is perfect for an earth-inspired Boho Chic or Eco-Chic design.

Each of the modern area rugs in this collection is handwoven by Afghani rug weavers / artists using techniques that go back centuries. These area rugs are the culmination of centuries of rug weaving knowledge and tradition. They are presented in a way that is modern and fresh. Creating a cozy interior space by layering textures is a trend that has become even more popular as we are spending more time in our interior spaces. This rug has a high and low pile that adds to the texture of the piece.

You could easily picture this modern distressed rug in many different settings. You could place it in a room with lush green plants and terracotta pots, arm-knit throws, and Moroccan ottomans. You could also see it in a vintage or modern room with minimalist furniture. This modern distressed rug is versatile enough to allow you to reimagine your space in a way that is as unique as you.

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