Breathtaking Antique Persian Serapi Area Rug 71126


Size: 11 ft 4 in x 14 ft 6 in (3.45 m x 4.42 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Persian Serapi Area Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1870’sAntique Persian Heriz Serapi carpets are some of the most beautiful rugs in the world and have been favorites for hundreds of years. They are known for their beautiful colors, sense of artistic balance, and design. They often have a tribal flavor, which makes them a popular style for Boho Chic decor.

Beautiful rugs produced during the late 19th century are some of the most collectible and desirable antique Persian rugs. They have a graphic quality that makes them perfect for large-scale architecture, such as that which is found in early American state and federal buildings. The antique Persian Heriz rugs were often the rugs of choice in public offices, including the White House. They are considered some of the grandest of the Persian rug styles.

The designs of antique Persian Serapi carpets were influenced by the motifs and elements found in antique rugs from formal carpet weaving centers, such as Tabriz. These carpets have many of the same elements of balance and symmetry found in the formal city carpets, but they also have a more spontaneous flavor in the placement of the motifs and a lack of strict adherence to the pattern. The artistic choices of weaver are apparent in these artistic pieces.

The bold design and breathtaking colors of this antique Persian Serapi rug would make it perfect for a formal conversation area, formal dining room, or office. It is a statement piece that will easily be the foundation of a traditional room design. It is also perfect for a room that features Grand Millennial furniture with its traditional flavor and modern colorful upholstery choices.

In a contemporary room, the geometric shapes make the perfect complement to contemporary furniture styles. Many times, designers use solid color furniture in neutral or light colors and add a vibrant Persian rug as the feature piece of the room. This roughly 12′ x 15′ size area rug would make and excellent addition to many traditional and contemporary furniture styles. It is an expressive piece of artwork and will allow you to express your personality in the space.

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