Blue Modern Distressed Rug 60796

Size: 13 ft 11 in x 18 ft 9 in (4.24 m x 5.71 m)

Gorgeous Blue Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – We now know that color has a significant impact on how we feel within a space. Blue is the color that designers turn to when they want to create a feeling of calm that reflects the element of flowing water. Neutrals are also known for their ability to calm our minds and allow us to step back into a slower pace.

One of the top color trends this year is the combination of blue and gray in the same room. This modern rug was made to take advantage of this popular style trend, making it the perfect rug for creating a contemporary feel that is made for relaxation.

This rug from our modern distressed collection has a subtle geometric design that creates interest and gives the rug texture. One of the more popular style trends recently has been adding layers of texture throughout the space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this look in your own home, you need to find one of the best rugs, such as this one. Next, add lots of fluffy throw pillows, a few large monstera plants throughout the space, and an arm knit throw or poof.

This right is also perfect for creating a coastal feel within the space or for a water-inspired Boho Chic theme. The distressed feel of the rug from Afghanistan makes it perfect for Japanese Wabi-Sabi or Eco Chic style. A traditional sofa and a few accent chairs will give it a classic look, or you could choose a minimalist black leather sofa if your style is more on the modern side.

This wonderful transitional area rug is versatile and the perfect match for modern style trends. Regardless of whether you live in the country or an urban setting, this rug is the perfect foundation. If your style is a little bit West Coast, this modern distressed rug has a faded denim look that will allow you to bring out this side of your personality. Any way you look at it, this is a gorgeous piece that will make the perfect complement to your modern décor for a fresh and contemporary look.

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