Blue Background Fine Weave Oversized Antique Floral Vase Design Persian Tabriz Rug 43098

Size: 11 ft 9 in x 21 ft 7 in (3.58 m x 6.58 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Vase Design Blue Color Background Antique Persian Tabriz Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date:Late 19th Century – Renowned for one of the most venerable weaving traditions in Persia, the carpets of Tabriz represent a tradition reaching back some five hundred years or more. This sumptuous antique Persian Tabriz rug has a complex trellis design of golden palmettes and vines in an allover diamond configuration. Fine floral sprays fill the intervening space against a deep blue ground. The main border is a classic arabesque vine scroll in blue on gold, reversing the color scheme of the field. The lustrous wool sets off the color scheme to great effect, giving it the appearance gold and lapis lazuli jewels.

The sumptuous midnight blue background highlights the exquisite trellis vase design of this spectacular late 19th century antique Persian Tabriz rug. This antique Persian rug was produced during the Persian Qajar Dynasty that ruled the modern day country Iran from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. It was known as Sublime State of Persia and was time of wealth and grandeur, as is reflected by this fine piece of artwork from the time period.

The antique vase design rugs are some of the most highly desirable among collectors. The colors used in this antique Persian Tabriz rug are reminiscent of a stroll through the formal gardens of the palace at nighttime with the light of the moon changing the colors subtly. The size of the antique rug gives it a sense of scale that is grand enough for a palace or large architectural structure.

Although the design does have horizontal and vertical symmetry, it is executed in a way that makes it appear to be an all over pattern. Each of the design motifs leads the eye upwards and creates a sense of length. Many different flowers and species can be found represented of on this Persian Tabriz antique Oversize rug. The inclusion of several different flower types on a single stem gives it a fantastical or mythological feel.

The once brilliant reds, tans and other colors of the antique Persian Tabriz rug have faded, leaving the midnight blue to stand out in its glory. This gives this large oversized antique Tabriz carpet a timeless character that would make it an excellent addition to any room that has the scale and architectural elements to support it. This vase design Persian Tabriz rug deserves a special place where it can be loved and admired for many years to come.

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