The World’s Most Expensive Building: One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center becomes Most Expensive Building in the World

One World Trade Center – Modern architectural marvels have given us the likes of the Burj Khalifa, Beijing’s CCTV Building, the Ryugyong Hotel, and the anticipated, Kingdom Tower. Making headlines in the architecture world is New York City’s potential building to come – One World Trade Center, the structure(s) that will take the place of New York City’s current Ground Zero.

One World Trade Center in NYC by Nazmiyal
One World Trade Center

The recent controversy over this space has come down to its current price tag of this building, also known as the Freedom Tower.

Recent reports are showing that One World Trade Center will come with a rather hefty price tag of 3.8 BILLION DOLLARS, making it the MOST EXPENSIVE building in the world!

One World Trade Center NYC by Nazmiyal
One World Trade Center NYC

The new building along with its sky-rocketing price already includes the recently opened 9/11 memorial, yet major powerhouses including Conde Nast has already claimed their stake of the building signing up for half of the tower.

One World Trade Center, once officially built, will be North America’s tallest building. Hence, there is no surprise as to why the price of the building is continuing to soar. Not to mention, this modern landmark will be equipped with some serious security precautions after the previous World Trade Center was targeted by terrorist attacks once prior to 9/11.

One World Trade Center Financial District NYC by Nazmiyal
One World Trade Center Financial District NYC

One World Trade Center will be a beautiful addition to New York City’s skyline if developers can overcome the cost. Not only will it be a new home for major businesses and serious homeowners, One World Trade Center will be a piece of history, a physical remembrance of the greatest American life-altering event, and the solidarity and strength we, Americans, exhibited to band together in a time of need and despair.

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