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Veranda Magazine and Nazmiyal Celebrate New Moon Rugs Launch

Veranda Magazine And Nazmiyal Partner To Create New Moon Rugs Event

Veranda Magazine and Nazmiyal Partner in Launch of New Moon Rugs – This past Thursday the Nazmiyal Collection hosted an opening celebration at its Manhattan NYC rug gallery for a new line of contemporary Tibetan rugs, produced by the renowned carpet firm, New Moon rugs. Made in Nepal and designed by John Kurtz, New Moon rugs has in recent years established a new standard of quality in the production of Oriental rugs and more modern contemporary carpets.

Known for their crisp, clean design with roots in traditional patterns as well as cutting-edge modernism, New Moon rugs represents the very best in terms of weaving technique and materials, and unparalleled quality control.

Nazmiyal Staff among Veranda Magazine team with New Moon Rugs Personnel

Nazmiyal Staff among Veranda Magazine team with New Moon Rugs personnel: From left to right: John Kurtz – of New Moon, Sara Wells, Lady from Veranda team , Christina Davis, Erika Kurtz, Ned Baker, Sara Moores, Omri Schwartz, Padi Nazmiyal, Jason Nazmiyal, Denise Kuriger, Sasha Lanka, Montana Timchula, Angela from Veranda, Deborah Sanders, Katie Brockman and Veranda team

The event featured a special presentation by Veranda’s associate editor-at-large, Catherine Davis. Great carpets have always been all about wool and color, and New Moon rugs has broken new ground by managing to uphold this traditional principle, while also asserting an aesthetic of modernist simplicity in which “less is more.” Said gallery founder, Jason Nazmiyal, “We couldn’t be more pleased about working with New Moon rugs.

John Kurtz of New Moon rugs with Catherine Davis Jason Nazmiyal

John Kurtz of New Moon rugs with Catherine Davis (Associate Editor of Veranda Magazine), and Jason Nazmiyal

For over twenty years we at Nazmiyal have striven to provide discriminating clients with the very best in antique carpets, and now we will be able to offer them the very best in new carpets as well.”

Omri and Interior Decorator Victoria Vandamm Nazmiyal

Omri and Interior Decorator Victoria Vandamm

Veranda Magazine Team Nazmiyal

Veranda Magazine Team

Stefanie Bishop and guests by Nazmiyal

Stefanie Bishop and guests

Omri Schwartz with Coco Arnesen by Nazmiyal

Omri Schwartz with Coco Arnesen (Coco Arnesen Design), and Barbara Rossi

Associate Editor of Veranda Magazine Catherine Davis at Nazmiyal

Associate Editor of Veranda Magazine Catherine Davis

This Design Blog Post About The New Moon Rugs Launch Event With Veranda magazine Was Published by Nazmiyal Antique Carpets in New York City, NYC.

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