Modern Lighting Trends in Home Decorating

Modern Lighting Trends in Interior Design

Modern Lighting Trends – Lighting has always been at the precipice of modern design constantly redefining the interior design world and setting serious trending statements. This year, modern fixtures are hotter than ever showcasing a stylish spectrum of pendant lamps, LEDs, fiber optics, drop chandeliers, and industrial looks.

The days of track lighting, fluorescent bulbs, and torch lamps are out in the cold. Revamp your style with an art nouveau fixture that will have everyone’s eyes glistening in its glow.

Modern Black and Red Lamp by Andarina Design - Nazmiyal
Modern Black and Red Lamp by Andarina Design

Whether you’re replacing the overhead lighting in your living room or looking for a major focal point, modern designers are cranking out options that really bring a futuristic style to your pad. We’re also really digging back-lights that are hidden behind art pieces, televisions, and furniture staples. These little guys add a pop of color to a room lending a hand to creating a brand new look with a simple change.

Modern Chandelier - Nazmiyal
Modern Chandelier

My personal favorite pick goes to the LED light in an array of options ranging from fiber optic decorative pieces to full-on foyer focal point chandeliers. I’ll also have to throw a little shout out to options made out of unconventional materials from metal and alloys to plexiglass.

Modern Pendant Lighting - Nazmiyal
Modern Pendant Lighting
modern lighting - Modern LED Chandelier 96 Lights - Nazmiyal
Modern LED Chandelier 96 Lights
Modern Shadow Box Lighting - Namziyal
Modern Shadow Box Lighting

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