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Michael Smith

Decorator Spotlight: Michael Smith Inc Interior Design

Michael Smith Interior Design – Continuing with our Featured Interior Designer Series, renowned designer, Michael S. Smith. Michael is an iconic visionary. Hist interior designs have paved the way for contemporary interior design over the past 20 years.

You may recognize Michael Smith’s name because, Smith was in charge of redecorating the White House for the Obamas.

Michael Smith’s interior design work is notoriously known for his juxtaposition of modern flair with vintage design incorporating numerous antiques into his modernity. His work has been billed as a blend of “European tradition and American modernism.”

Michael S. Smith by Nazmiyal
Michael S. Smith

Smith is celebrated as one of the greatest American interior designers. Having won many prestigious awards such as Elle Decor’s Designer of the Year, Architectural Digest 100, and the PDC’s Stars of Design Award (to name but a few).

A couple of years ago, Michael Smith was named a member of the Committee of the Preservation of the White House by President Obama. There is no doubt that Michael Smith is one of the finest designers of recent times.

Through his use of antique textiles, the Nazmiyal Collection and Smith have grown to foster a special symbiotic relationship.

Michael Smith Interior Design by Nazmiyal
Michael Smith Interior Design

The rich beauty of Smith’s decorated homes and commercial spaces evoke a deep, thoughtful, and historically modern approach to contemporary design. Whether he’s using a luxurious palette of neutrals for the Oval Office or pairing antique Persian rugs with modern dining sets, Smith’s work is a mark of pure decadent genius.

Check out some designs by Michael Smith Inc. Interior Design:

Michael Smith Interior Design by nazmiyal
Michael Smith Interior Design
Michael Smith Inc. Interior Design by Namziyal
Michael Smith Inc. Interior Design

This interior design blog post about Michael Smith Inc. was published, as part of our interior designer spotlight series, by the Nazmiyal Collection of antique rugs which is located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.