Chinese Rugs for Beautiful Powder Room Boudoir Decor

Powder Room Boudoir Decor: Chinese Rugs to Fulfill Your Dressing Room Dreams… The powder room boudoir is a perfect place to decorate with feminine florals and vibrant colors, making Chinese rugs the answer to your dressing room dreams. In recently discovering the flourishing interior designer, Patrick Mele, we admire his use of antique and vintage rugs across the board, but we […]

10 Versailles-Inspired Savonnerie and Aubusson Antique Rugs

10 Opulent Savonnerie and Aubusson Antique Rugs to Enhance any Interior’s Elegance The French interiors inside the palace of Versailles throughout the reign of Louis XIV were legendarily responsible for the birth of Rococo Art. Marked by brilliance and splendor, the Savonnerie and Aubusson Antique Rugs throughout the palace exuded supreme grandeur and self confidence, […]

Blue Rugs By Nazmiyal

10 Beautifully Blue Rugs

Beautiful Blue Rugs and Carpets Blue Rugs – Whether it’s in the details, or creating a sea-like effect, here are ten antique blue rugs to cool down any room… The serenity of the color blue can give a room a wonderful sense of calm, and the use of blue rugs is a beautiful way to incorporate this […]

Vogue’s 2017 Home Decor forecast: Green Tapestries

Green Tapestries: Decorating Trends to look for in 2017 Celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard told Vogue “Green is strong again” in their home decor forecast, ‘The Decorating Trends to look for in 2017.’ What’s more, is that Vogue’s featured photograph suggests incorporating green through the use of beautiful green tapestries. To recreate the trending look above, let us suggest one of […]

New to the Nazmiyal Collection: Mid Century Vintage Rugs

Explore Nazmiyal’s newest Mid Century Vintage Rugs In contrast to antique rugs, these Mid Century Vintage Rugs involve minimalist and surrealist qualities. Known for their bold, rectangular shapes and tribal inspired patterns, these trending vintage rugs owe their popularity to their unique designs, vast palette options, and strong compositions. Below you will find our latest Mid Century […]

The Nazmiyal Collection of Mid Century Vintage Rugs

Comprehensive and Breathtaking Collections of Mid Century Vintage rugs See the full Collection Of Vintage Rugs on our site Nazmiyal’s Mid Century Vintage Rugs – Our eclectic, comprehensive selection of vintage rugs includes the most popular and the most sought after vintage carpet and rug styles, including extraordinary pieces from Morocco, dynamic and exciting pieces […]

Charles and Ray Eames decorate with Moroccan rugs at home by nazmiyal

Trendy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Home Interior Decorating With Vintage Moroccan Rugs See our collection of Vintage Rugs From Morocco. Moroccan home decor – Decorating your interiors with Moroccan carpets is a great way to up your style. Moroccan Rugs with their minimalist, tribal designs complement most interior styles.The term tribal or nomadic rugs immediately conjure up images of exotic Middle […]