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Area Rugs For Grey Couch Decor

Decorating With Rugs That Work With A Grey Sofa Decorating with a gray sofa is a classic accessory for any room. The practicality of a neutral grey color sofa combines versatility and elegance, but it can also carry the unwanted risk of becoming too bland and even boring over time. This is where finding the […]

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Choosing Dining Room Rugs

How to Pick the Rug for Your Dining Room Dining Room Rugs – When starting a home decor project, a good place to begin is the dining room and finding the perfect dinging room rug. You want a piece that will tie the entire dining room together. A rug that will act as a spring board […]

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Picking Living Room Rugs

Shopping For Living Room Rugs Living Room Rugs – In the living room, the right area rug can make the space inviting. But when decorating with rugs for the living room, some questions should be considered before picking that perfect rug for the room. Choosing Rugs Based On How The Living Room Used Lifestyle should […]

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Choosing The Perfect Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom Rugs – What You Need To Know Bedroom Rugs – Adding an area rug to a bedroom provides a whole host of wonderful benefits! Incorporating antique or vintage carpets is a great way to make a statement about one’s personality while adding some style to their room. Besides, area rugs in the bedroom offer some […]

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Pantone Colors Of The Year

Some Of Our Favorite Pantone Colors Of The Year In the below post, we will review the Pantone colors of the year from 2012, 2013, 2014 and of course we included 2018 as well.  Panton Color of the Year 2012 Tangerine Tango Our rundown of the Pantone Colors Of The Year, begins in 2012: Rounding […]

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Home Decorating With Scandinavian Rugs

Decorating Your Home With beautiful Scandinavian Rugs Click here to view our entire collection of vintage and mid century Scandinavian rugs Home Decorating With Scandinavian Rugs – Scandinavian rugs are hugely popular in interior decorating because their unique and beautiful blend of traditional and modern designs. The elegant and stylish patterns created using a combination […]

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Bohemian Rugs for Boho Chic Interiors

Creating Beautiful Boho Chic Interiors With Vintage Bohemian Rugs Its time for all us free spirits out there to embrace our Bohemian style and create zen-like living spaces, that reflect our inner hippie spirits with vintage Bohemian rugs. Some may have expected the bohemian and vintage trends to have been retired by now, but the […]