The Entrance To The Taipei Performing Arts Center Nazmiyal

Taipei Performing Arts Center

Architecture Trends and The Taipei Performing Arts Center Another Asian architectural wonder has begun its inception as Rem Koolhaas is set to debut his latest marvel in Taipei. This time, the mastermind behind Beijing’s CCTV building is branching into the world of the performing arts – that is, with OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center. The latest […]

Flight Assembled Architecture by Gramazio and Kohler and Raffaello d'Andrea - Nazmiyal

Gramazio, Kohler and Rafaella d’Andrea Robot Design “Flight Assembled Architecture”

Robot Design And Flight Assembled Architecture by Gramazio Kohler and Rafaella d’Andrea Flight Assembled Architecture – The modern art world continuously undergoes constant innovation in terms of design, mediums, and technological advances. In today’s time and society, it seems that technology is playing an important part in creating the future of art and design. Recently, artists […]

Times Square Redesign - Namziyal

Times Square Redesign Revealed

NYC’s New Times Square Redesign Revealed Times Square Redesign – We, New York’ers, spend a good part of our days walking around the city. We walk to work, home, school, the store, and sometimes, we even make the occasional trek to some of our city’s most beloved landmarks. If you’ve followed my blog posts about […]