Beige Brown Textured Modern Distressed Runner Rug 60890

Size: 3 ft 3 in x 12 ft 1 in (0.99 m x 3.68 m)

Elegant Beige Brown Textured Modern Distressed Runner Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous brown runner rug has an earthy feel and will add a fresh feel to contemporary rooms. This rug was woven in Afghanistan and is perfect for a hallway or to serve as the base for a beautiful vignette against a wall. The classic design of this modern rug is minimal. It gives the room a fresh, clean look.

Today’s interior design styles are all about creating layers of rugs and other textures that go beyond the visual appeal of the space. It is about catering to all the senses for an immersive experience. The artist used high and low piles to create texture and accentuate the design of the piece. Neutral colors add a feeling of harmony and balance to the room. If you are a fan of neutral colors, this modern distressed area rug will create the perfect foundation for a nature-inspired theme that will evoke a feeling of peace.

Designers continue to look to nature to bring a feeling of tranquility to our interior spaces. As we spend more time in our homes, it is even more important to transform them into a sanctuary where we can relax and take a respite from the world. This modern runner rug will blend beautifully into a natural, neutral palette. The colors remind you of drifting sands, or perhaps a stone surface. This piece would be the perfect foundation for a room filled with plants, a brown leather sofa, or perhaps a few contemporary pieces with open spaces under the seats and Chrome legs.

The best feature of this soft earthy colored rug is its versatility. It could easily accompany traditional furniture or serve in a themed space. For instance, its colors are reminiscent of surf and sand, which would be the perfect addition to a coastal room. You could also use this rug in an ultramodern space with minimalist furniture and simple lines. Regardless of where you decide to use it, this rug is the inspiration for a design that reflects your unique personality and will allow you to create a space that is your personal sanctuary.

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