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Beautiful Tribal Antique Persian Malayer Rustic Abrash Rug 71706

Size: 4 ft 7 in x 8 ft 2 in (1.4 m x 2.49 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautifully Rustic and Tribal Antique Persian Kur Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1910’s – This gorgeous antique Malayer rug is bright and vibrant. It features bold patterns that have a tribal charm, making it perfect for a cozy and casual setting. Malayer is a vast area in Northwestern Persia that has both formal urban weaving workshops and a scattering of local villages with artisans that are known for their unique tribal creations.

This piece features beautiful abrash rug colors in rustic and coral based reds, blues and cream. The tribal motifs have an amorphic abstract rug design quality that is a distinguishing characteristic of many of the best area rugs from Malayer. The more rustic rugs tend to have a spontaneous quality, rather than the carefully planned precision of a more formal city rug. This one is the result of hundreds of years of tribal traditions that have been passed done through the generations and oral traditions of the people. It is an individual and unique work of art, or perhaps the work of several weavers working together collectively.

The Persian rugs from Malayer are known for their beautiful blue backgrounds and balanced color placement. In this antique tribal Persian Malayer rug, the blue background looks like a garden reflecting pool surrounded by fine mosaic tiles. It is a beautiful rug with elements of earth, sky and water. The brilliant colors would make the perfect addition to a Boho chic room. It could easily be the centerpiece for creating a cozy sanctuary. The more tribal area rugs, like this one, have an aged appearance that would also make them the perfect additions for a shabby chic room filled with vintage pieces.

You can see, so much attention went into every knot of this Persian rug and the work of the skilled hands that are the culmination of centuries of tradition. Area rugs like this are quite casual and would blend perfectly into an eclectic space that needs a piece with a bit of color. The saturated colors are playful and lively. It will brighten any space and create a feeling that is invigorating and fresh. It would also add a bit of tradition to a more colorful contemporary space, too. It is a beautiful and imaginative tribal piece the is prefect for people who are buying rugs and are looking to create a more vibrant and colorful space in your home.

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