Large Oversized Antique Persian Kerman Rug 42880


Size: 15 ft 9 in x 21 ft 6 in (4.8 m x 6.55 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Large Oversized Antique Kerman Persian Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late Nineteenth Century – Antique Persian Kerman rugs are prized for controlled precision and classic graces of their traditional Persian rug designs, and  among them Persian Lavar Kerman rugs are the most exquisite Kermans of all. This exceptional large oversized antique rug, from Kerman, has a grand, finialled cruciform medallion design surrounded by heart-shaped corner pieces. The areas within these elements and the intervening field are all filled with a fine welter of delicate vines and flowers, and with a uniform coloration of tans, blues and cinnamon throughout. The various vine scroll borders are similarly rendered. As a result, the enormous complexity of the design tends to recede into the background, along with form of the main medallion and corner pieces, thereby giving this large oversized antique Persian Kerman rug a far more decorative and modern appeal despite the classical detail. A beautiful carpet, this large oversized antique Persian Kerman rug is a comely and compelling example.

The antique Persian rugs of the late 19th century, that were woven in the city of Kerman, are something spectacular to behold. This palace oversized sized rug is an outstanding example with its delicately curving lines and flowers only revealed through the subtle changes that it has undergone over time. This extremely finely woven and intricate large oversized antique Persian Kerman rug is grand and elegant, yet its softer colors reveal a gentler side of the grandeur of the Qajar Dynasty.

Antique rugs such as these once warmed the floors of palaces and state rooms. They were a part of a culture that valued the artwork of highly skilled craftsmen commissioned to create exquisite pieces. This rug uses a formal, central medallion design and has both horizontal and vertical symmetry. The antique Persian Kerman rug has a complex set of borders that are given ample space, in comparison to the central field of the Persian rug. This gives it a sense of balance, but also helps to increase the visual scale of the oversized Kerman carpet.

The Qajar Dynasty was once known as the Sublime State of Persia, and the architectural and interior design was meant to reflect that ideal. This Persian Kerman rug was designed to work with the architecture of the building to create a sense of awe and inspiration when one first entered the room. The magnificent area rugs, such as this, continue to carry out this task splendidly.

This is a remarkable, unique piece for a larger room. The subtle fading and patina gives it a sense of timelessness and adds to the character of the room. This is a beautiful antique Persian Kerman Lavar carpet that would be treasured for many years to come as it continues to live out its long life as a reflection of the extravagance of the era in which it was created.

As you can see, the antique Persian Kerman rugs are some of the most beautiful rugs in the world.

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