Beautiful Black Background Antique Karabagh Rug 50366

Size: 7 ft 7 in x 10 ft (2.31 m x 3.05 m)

Beautiful Antique Black Background Colored All Over Design Caucasian Karabagh Rug, Country Of Origin: Caucasus, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – A thin and elegantly arranged border surrounds this majestic antique Caucasian Karabagh rug. Gold, black and copper are the primary elements present throughout, and the floral motifs dance against a jet black background. Each of the curling leaves and vines create paths of movement for the viewer’s eyes to follow. The black spaces between each floral motif creates a pause in the flow, allowing the viewer to readjust and settle on another point of interest. Beautifully displayed floral blooms add even further variety to the antique rug, resulting in a regal aura that envelopes and invites.

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