Beautiful Antique Tribal Mid-19th Century Caucasian Kaitag Embroidery Textile 45209

Size: 1 ft 8 in x 2 ft 11 in (0.51 m x 0.89 m)

This mid-19th century kaitag features a creative medallion flanked by formal pendants and floral motifs embroidered in a combination of altered primary colors.

Antique Kaitag Embroidery, Caucasus, Circa mid 19th century– Created in the Caucasus during the mid-19th century, this colorful kaitag features an uncanny contemporary feeling reminiscent of the bold colors and abstract shapes used by modern artists like Alexander Calder. Serpentine hooks and elibelinde motifs with spiraling arms add a touch of symbolism to this decorative kaitag. Lime green botehs and brilliant red flowers filled with checkered accents showcase the charming style, creative freedom and high-chroma colors that kaitags are known for. Line-based borders, couched barber pole stems, spandrels comprised of floral sprays and zigzagging doodles round out the formal medallion composition while retaining the casual and modern charm that kaitags are revered for.

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