Artistic Floral And Geometric Design American Antique Hooked Rug 2697

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 5 ft 1 in (0.81 m x 1.55 m)

A Truly Artistic and Folk Art Design American Antique Hooked Area Rug, Origin Country: United States Of America, Woven Circa Date: 1920’s — The earthy nature inspired colors set the standard for the rest of the backdrop for the rest of this captivating antique American hooked rug to follow. The two floral designs in the center of the rug are set against a richer colored linear design pattern that is framed within its own diamond shaped enclosure. This created a juxtaposition against the lighter colored field to showcase these remarkable design elements.

The softer touches of reds, blues and neutrals in the background of this antique American hooked rug maintain a predominantly woodsy and earthy appearance. This softer background really comes to life with its use of happier colors and they also reflect most of the colors that we see in richer areas. This creates such a magnificent dialog and a feel of continuity throughout this magnificent area rug.

At the forefront of the area rug are two diamond shaped areas. Their deeper and richer earthy colors area saturated with red speckled vertical lines that create a comfortable and homey appearance. Popping to attention within these diamonds is a single arrangement of red and orange flowers, their leaves arranged around them in a symmetrical and visually pleasing way.

This is a small size area rug that would be perfect in any rustic interior design as well as in any American Colonial influenced home decor approach. That said, it is so charming with its subtle presence that it could easily be incorporated into a wide range of home decor styles and designs. Versatile antique rugs such as this are amazing familial heirlooms as they can be moved and paced in different homes as the family moves and as future familial owners take ownership of it.

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