Artistic Dagestan Kaitag Antique 19th Century Textile Embroidery 70086

Size: 1 ft 1 in x 2 ft 9 in (0.33 m x 0.84 m)

A Beautifully Artistic Small Antique 19th Century Dagestan Kaitag Embroidery, Country Of Origin / Textile Type: Dagestan, Circa Date: 19th Century – The striking colors and primitive design of this antique Dagestan region Kaitag embroidery give it primitive appeal that reflects the culture and artwork of a people that no longer exist in their traditional role. This antique Caucasian piece is valued, not only for its beautifully vibrant colors and artistry of the design, it is also a rare collectible example, of which only a limited number exist in the world today.

This antique textile embroidery embroidery demonstrates the diversity of techniques, designs, and traditional symbols that were used throughout the artwork of tribes of the Caucasus Mountains. This antique Dagestan Kaitag embroidery textile was created during the 19th century by the Kaitag people. Their beautiful textile art pieces reflects the influences of many global cultures including Islamic, Persian, and Byzantine influences. During Soviet rule, the artwork of this people, and many others, were intentionally wiped out. There are only a limited number of the works of these people in existence in the world today and this is a beautiful example.

The design of this spectacular Antique 19th century Dagestan Kaitag embroidery textile uses three circles that contain a six pointed wheel design. This magnificent antique textile demonstrates the traditional style and colors used by the embroiderers of these Kaitag examples. Many of these antique Dagestan Kaitag embroideries were created to commemorate an event in the history of the family and were intended to be passed along through the generations. This is a beautifully preserved antique Caucasian Dagestan Kaitag textile and the colors are still as bright and happy as when it was first created. It would go well in almost any interior design and would add a unique character to earth inspired, or modern decor styles.

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