Artistic Antique French Family In The Countryside Design Tapestry Rug 50270

Size: 5 ft 7 in x 5 ft (1.7 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: French Rugs
Style: Tapestry

Antique French Tapestry Rug, Country Of Origin: France, Circa Date: 1900 —  Embroidered in crisp and well-defined colors, this antique wall hanging tapestry is meant to convey a luxurious scene. The rich, black border is filled with vibrantly hued roses, peonies, tulips and poppies, adding to the agrarian charm present throughout the piece. Within the borders is a playful domestic scene. A gorgeous, sun-kissed meadow overlooks a stone domicile, its masonry furnished with traditional French motifs. Four nobles sit before a roaring fire, passing the time together by playing cards and sharing stories, their classically portrayed presence unifying the feeling of closeness and comfort that is prevalent throughout the piece.

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