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Fine Room Size Antique Persian Tabriz Haji Jalili Rug 50696


Size: 9 ft 3 in x 13 ft 6 in (2.82 m x 4.11 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful and Finely Woven Antique Room Size Persian Tabriz Haji Jalili Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – The artist, Haji Jalili, beautifully establishes clear points of contact around the different sections of the antique Persian Tabriz rug to create a clear sense of movement, one that almost seems to draw from life than represent abstract ideas on the rug’s surface. The largest border of this breathtaking antique Persian rug is framed by two smaller borders on either side, as if sandwiched between the two larger-than-average outlines. The interior of the most pronounced border is filled with beautiful mandalas, each linked to the next in a continuous chain of beautiful colors and vivid movements. These shapes wind around the border, leading the viewer’s eyes to the heart of this breathtaking room size rug, where many of the same motifs are present as well. Here, a beautiful vertical and horizontal symmetry defines the core of the antique rug, resulting in a veritable kaleidoscope of color and form. These elements lend versatility to the surface of the rug, allowing it to be set in a number of environments.

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