Ivory Background Antique Tabriz Haji Jalili Persian Rug 49347


Size: 9 ft 2 in x 12 ft 9 in (2.79 m x 3.89 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Breathtaking Ivory Background Antique Persian Tabriz Haji Jalili Area Rug 49347, Rug Woven In: Persia, Circa Woven Date: This Rug Was Woven Around The Year 1900 – A single unified background defines this rug, allowing the elements at the foreground of this magnificent antique Persian Tabriz Haji Jalili carpet to captivate the viewer’s attention like the action at the center of a stage. Strong contrast and thin lines result in a calligraphic effect on the surface of the antique Persian rug, made all the more pronounced thanks to the use of a beautiful parchment tone for the backdrop. Several borders frame around each other and lead the viewer’s attention inward, where they are free to browse through the symmetric details presented at the very center of the antique Persian Tabriz rug. The soft colored diamond at the heart of the antique carpet helps to center the motifs present throughout.

This beautiful carpet from Tabriz is an exquisite antique rug that was created around the turn of the 20th century. It is a square piece, which allows it to be used in designs where a balanced carpet is needed. This is a traditional and refined design with soft calming colors that are inviting and will create a charming space.

Tabriz is a traditional carpet weaving center that was established in the 1500s under the Safavid rulers. The city became home to formal carpet weaving schools where artists were trained to produce masterpieces that would be used in palaces and the estates of noblemen. This tradition of excellence in design and quality remains a part of the Tabriz carpet weaving tradition still today.

This antique Persian Haji Jalili carpet shows the masterful skill of the Persian rug weaver who was trained in the traditional style for which carpets from Tabriz are recognized for. You can find many different patterns of carpets from Tabriz, and this central medallion design with its delicate flowers and artistic paisleys is a rare and breathtaking example.

The carpet design is symmetrical, with the design divided into four identical quadrants. This gives the design a formal structure and wonderful sense of balance. The artist used a limited color palette of warm browns and soft blues that juxtapose so magnificently against the lighter cream colored background.

The Tabriz Haji Jalili carpet has a delicate feel that demonstrates the high level of skill of the artist and the weavers. A design this refined is only possible in a carpet with an unusually high knot count. This antique rug has a warm feel and lends an elegance to the room design. This is the perfect piece for a traditional, transitional or formal setting where it will add its feeling of sophistication and warm character.

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