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Antique Dragon Design Chinese Art Deco Rug 50122

$28,000.00 $22,400.00

Size: 12 ft x 15 ft 4 in (3.66 m x 4.67 m)
Origin: China
Style: Art Deco

Antique Dragon Design Chinese Art Deco Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: Early 20th Century — This bold Chinese rug begins with a border comprised of cream against a vivid blue background. Floral accents against small gold fields provide a gentle contrast along the length of the frame. The stunning golden fluidity of the dragons offsets the austere brick-like background. This antique dragon design Chinese Art deco design rug features exquisite orange golden dragons, symbols of luck and wealth, circle a pale gold medallion decorated with rich blue dragons. This bold juxtaposition of the modern and traditional in this antique dragon design Chinese art deco rug compose a striking and exotic artistic statement.

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