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Azerbaijan Embroidies

Rare and Collectible Antique Azerbaijan Embroideries from the Southern Caucuses

Azerbaijan Embroideries – Since at least the 17th century — and quite possibly well before that time — the historical Azerbaijan region of the southern Caucasus has been one of the most prolific and important rug-producing regions in the world. Located immediately north of modern Iran — the Persian Empire of antiquity that had such an out-sized influence on the the world of rugs — Azerbaijan has been responsible for the design and manufacturing of a great many of the various types of the antique rugs that fall under the umbrella description of Caucasian Rugs Kuba, Shirvan, and a great many other styles of Caucasian rugs have all been historically made in the Azerbaijan region. So important is the tradition of rug-weaving to Azerbaijan that in November 2010 UNESCO proclaimed that the “Azerbaijani Carpet is a Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage.”

In modern times, the specific areas of rug production in historical Azerbaijan are largely unknown to experts and scholars. As such, when used as an umbrella descriptor term for certain antique rugs, “Azerbaijan” specifically refers to Azerbaijan embroideries related to classical antique Persian rugs and textiles. Over time, the styles of rug making throughout Azerbaijan would go on to influence — and in many case serve as the model for — rug making throughout the Caucuses. Thus, antique Azerbaijan rugs are important and culturally significant not only because of their level of artistry and craftsmanship, but also because of the wide-ranging impact that they had on rug trends in one of the most important rug producing regions in the world.

View our current collection of antique rare and collectible Azerbaijan Embroideries below:

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