Antique Ambiguous Floral Area Rug 48088

Size: 8 ft 7 in x 14 ft 10 in (2.62 m x 4.52 m)

Antique Ambiguous Floral Rug 48088,  Antique Rug Type: Ambiguous, Circa Date: 1880’s – This magnificent antique Ukrainian floral rug (most likely) was created in the last quarter of the 19th century. Beautiful floral patterns are popular motifs in many forms of Ukrainian needlework from embroidery textiles to rug making. These floral patterns celebrate the abundance and beautiful colors of the summer fields and meadows. This one has an earthy brown background that highlights the brilliant colors in the floral designs. Some of the characteristics that distinguish antique Ukrainian rugs from those of nearby regions are their brilliant colors and abstract designs that give them a rustic quality.

The pattern resembles the beautiful stove tiles that were used to decorate stoves in Ukraine. The tiles were handcrafted and featured beautiful floral patterns in bright colors, similar to this rug. Ukrainian rugs typically have a brown background with contrasting bright floral patterns. The pattern of this piece resembles randomly-placed tiles facing different directions. This enhances its folk-art quality and makes it stand out as a unique piece of artwork.

The design is based on a traditional Ukrainian style that reflects hundreds of years of culture and tradition. This is a beautiful, handcrafted piece and one-of-a-kind artwork for your floor. You could easily use it in Eastern European decor, and its bright colors would make it perfect for a Boho Chic room.

Antique rugs have been woven in Ukraine since the 17th century. One thing that makes this one unique is that few of them were produced after the Soviet Union annexed Ukraine in the 1920’s. Some were still produced by weaving cooperatives, but they were not as abundant as in earlier years. This is a beautiful piece of history and a rare find for your collection. Its garden theme will bring a touch of the flowers of summer to your home. The delightful colors and handcrafted quality make this piece one that will be treasured for many years to come.

Featuring thick textures and colors, this beautiful Ambiguous rug focuses on a repeating pattern of flowers that define the foreground. A thin border barely stands out amidst the activity at the forefront of the floral rug, and the viewer’s eyes are naturally led to the center of the antique rug, where the deep coffee brown background stands out as the perfect backdrop to the floral motifs. A variety of flowers are represented here, arranged exquisitely into a series of squares.

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