Antique Persian Soumak Bag 43300

Size: 1 ft 4 in x 4 ft 1 in (0.41 m x 1.24 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Featuring brilliant colors and bold tribal designs, this antique saddlebag was designed as a status symbol with form and function in mind.

Antique Persian Soumak Bag, Origin: Persia, Circa: 1900 – This fascinating antique rug — a Soumak from Persia made sometime around the turn of the twentieth century — is as culturally intriguing and thought-provoking as it is beautiful. It is in fact a saddlebag, an important cultural artifact with great historical import. Woven with double scorpion medallions and symbolic latch hooks worked with extremely precise weft-wrapped techniques, this particular saddlebag was designed to showcase the owner’s importance while simultaneously protecting the horse and rider. In addition to the brilliant colors and impeccable craftsmanship that make this piece especially desirable, this tribal saddlebag includes a unique bridge section with a unique chevron pattern bordered by wrapped cording and durable loops. Back when it was originally utilized for its intended purpose as a saddlebag, these loops would have held decorative shells and objects to secure the openings and to add further elements of personality and status to the piece.

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